Programme for Mnemonics 2014 (Stockholm, 21-23 August 2014)

Thursday August 21

 09:30-11:00         Keynote 1: Jussi Parikka, “Media Fossils: A Production of an Archaeological Future(chair Jesper Olsson)

11:00-11:30         coffee break

11:30-13:00         Panel 1: Missing Media, Absent Archives (chair and respondent Stef Craps)

  • Gitanjali Pyndiah (London), “Non-Archival Memory in the Media”
  • Tasnim Qutait (Uppsala), “‘There’s no memory bank for this kind of data’: Memory, Mediality and Diasporic Arab Literature”
  • Brian Johnsrud (Stanford), “Lacuna Stories: Designing Transmediated Memory Spaces for Engaging with the Past”

13:00-14:15         lunch (faculty club)

14:15-15:45         Panel 2: Performances of Memory (chair and respondent Michael Rothberg)

  • Sofie de Smet (Ghent), “Expanding the Notion of Trauma Narration in Applied Theatre”
  • Hanna Teichler (Frankfurt), “Kunuk’s Atanarjuat–The Fast Runner: Remediating Orality, Performing the Past, Catalyzing National Identity”
  • Jarula Wegner (Frankfurt), “Competitive Multidirectional Memory: Negotiations of Black-Jewish Relations in the Medium of American Rap”

15:45-16:15         coffee break

16:15-17:45         Panel 3: Postmillennial Media Storms (chair and respondent Richard Crownshaw)

  • Holly Brown (Ghent), “Everything Deserves to Live”
  • Sean Bex (Ghent), “Negotiating and Processing Post-Patriot Act Testimony: Dave Eggers’s Zeitoun and Voice of Witness’s Voices from the Storm
  • Carolin Schmitt (Frankfurt), “Haunting Voices: Mediated Memory in Paul Haggis’ In the Valley of Elah


Friday August 22

09:00-10:30         Keynote 2: José van Dijck, “Social Media and the Construction of Memory(chair Pieter Vermeulen)

10:30-11:00         coffee break

11:00-12:30         Panel 4: Mediations of Obsolescence (chair and respondent Amanda Lagerkvist)

  • Nicholas Gilewicz (Annenberg School for Communication), “Reconceiving Journalism as a Mnemonic Community through the Decline of the United States Daily Newspaper”
  • Sara Tanderup (Aarhus), “Remembering the Book in Contemporary Experimental Novels”
  • Alex Casper Cline (Anglia Ruskin), “Manic Pixel Dream Miner”

12:30-13:45         lunch (faculty club)

13:45-15:15         Panel 5: Ecologies and Places of Memory (chair and respondent Stefan Helgesson)

  • Priscilla Charat (Illinois), “Remembering the Holocaust Through Experiential Sites of Muslim Identity in Francophone Fiction”
  • Maria Zirra (Stockholm), “Plastic Ecopoetry and the Work of Art in the Digital Age: The Case of Evelyn Reilly’s Styrofoam
  • Holly Gilbert (London), “Photography and the Placing of Memory”

15:15-16:45         Panel 6: Post-Revolutionary Textures of Memory (respondent Marianne Hirsch)

  • Joyce Van de Bildt (Tel Aviv), “Documenting the 25 January Revolution: Online Memory Initiatives and the Challenge to State-Controlled Information in Post-Revolutionary Egypt”
  • Codruta Pohrib (Maastricht), “Memory Matters Online: Digitizing Romanian Communist Memorabilia”
  • Mihaela Brebenel (London), “Hauntologies of Urban Space in Romanian Moving Image”

16:45-17:15         coffee break

17:15-18:30         Panel 7: Writing Itself (chair and respondent Hans Ruin)

  • Sara Eriksson (Stockholm), “Mediality and the Function of Memory in Diary Writing”
  • Ole Olesen-Bagneux (Copenhagen), “The Missing Link in Medium Theory: Writing before Print and after the Computer”

19:30-21:30         conference dinner


Saturday August 23

 09:00-10:30         Keynote 3: Marianne Hirsch, “Mobile Memories(chair Richard Crownshaw)

10:30-11:30         coffee break

11:30-13:00         Panel 8: War Media (chair and respondent Mads Rosendahl Thomsen)

  • Estibalitz Eskerra Vegas (Illinois), “‘All the Gernikas in the world’: Media and the Commemoration of the Victims of Aerial War”
  • Tomas Karlsson (Umeå), “The Wargame as a Form of History Culture”
  • Daria Mattingly (Cambridge), “Forgotten Soldiers of the Grain Front: Cultural Memory of Holodomor and Its Perpetrators”

13:00-14:15         lunch (Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet) — conference ends

Venue: Bergsmannen, Aula Magna, Stockholm University (Frescativägen 6)

Please remember to send your papers to mnemonics [at] english [dot] su [dot] se before August 6, so that they can be pre-circulated in good time. Remember that you have 15 minutes for your presentation.