Mnemonics 2018: Programme

 Ecologies of Memory

Mnemonics Summer School 2018

Lectures and panels will take place in Conference Room 1 of the Irish College in Leuven (Janseniusstraat 1).


9:00 – Registration
9:30 – Welcome and Opening Remarks
9:45 – Keynote 1

‘Hiroshima’s Ghostly Shadows: Collective Memory, Trauma, and Scale’

Gabriele Schwab
UC Irvine

11:00 – Coffee Break
11:30 – Panel 1: The Image

‘Images of Chaos: Narrative and Fictions of Memory in the Television Montage of the “Mariana Mining Tragedy”’

Alice Melo
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)

 ‘The Global President: Speculative Remembrance in Anthropocene Film’

Arielle Stambler

 ‘Colonial Deforestation: Images between A Photo of Formosa and An Art Installation about Taiwan’

Sophie Hsin-Lin Su
Utrecht University

Chair: Jessica Rapson. Respondent: Jesper Olsson

13:00 – Lunch
14:00 – Panel 2: The Archive

 From Media Events to Amnesiac Space: Non-archivisation in Digital Memory—A Case Study of Bullet Comments in Live Streaming’

Andong Li
Renmin University of China / King’s College London

‘Affects, Memory, and Territory: An Epistemological Approach to the Concept of Affective Archive’

Lucas Saporosi
University of Buenos Aires / University of La Plata

‘An Anatomy of Conspiracy: New Ecologies of Archival Memory in Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge

Tom Chadwick
University of Leuven

Chair: Wulf Kansteiner. Respondent: Susanne Knittel

15:30 – Coffee Break
16:00 – Panel 3: The Transition

‘Nuclear Bodies and Memorative Veolocities in Brooke Bolander’s The Only Harmless Great Thing

River Ramuglia
Ghent University

‘Disgrace or Transgrace? Towards an Understanding of Trans-corporeal Memory in J. M. Coetzee’s Disgrace

Deniz Ibrisim
Washington University in St. Louis

‘“You have turned us . . . into storytellers, but always of the same story”: Technology and Traumatic Memory in Indra Sinha’s Animal’s People

Jennifer MacGregor

Chair: Lucy Bond. Respondent: Astrid Erll

17:30 – Opening Reception (Irish College Garden)


 9:30 – Keynote 2

‘Remembering Agency in the Anthropocene’

Richard Crownshaw
Goldsmiths, University of London

10:45 – Coffee Break
11:15 – Panel 4: The Climate

‘The Anthropocene Memorial: Recording Climate Change on the Banks of the Potomac River in Washington D.C.’

Clara de Massol
King’s College London

‘The Ecology of Tarantism: Re-membering Dance as Cultural Cure’

Sophia Levine
UC Riverside

‘“The Disease is a Way of Thinking”: From Anthropocene to Capitalocene in Aaron Thier’s Mr. Eternity

Mahlu Mertens
Ghent University

Chair: Susanne Knittel. Respondent: Lucy Bond

12:45 – Lunch
13:45 – Panel 5: The Broadcast

 ‘Broadcasting Women’s Stories: Dominant and Hegemonic Memories in the Spanish Digital Radio’

Iria Ameixeiras Cundins
Columbia University

 ‘“Fortress Europe” and the Migration Film: Memories of Migration in a Transnational Media Ecology’

Roxane Dänner
Goethe University Frankfurt

‘Turning Grief into Action: Media and Empathy in the US Gun Control Debate’

Alyssa Anderson
Brown University

Chair: Stef Craps. Respondent: Jessica Rapson

15:15 – Coffee Break
15:45 – Panel 6: The Game

‘Playing the Past: The Materialist Memory Politics of Historical Digital Games’

Emil Hammar
University of Tromsø

 ‘“The World’s Gotta Know”: Holocaust Memory in Call of Duty: WWII

Kate Marrison
University of Leeds

Chair: Silvana Mandolessi. Respondent: Wulf Kansteiner

17:15 – Roundtable: How (Not) to Get Published (Wulf Kansteiner, Susanne Knittel, Silvana Mandolessi, Jessica Rapson)

19:00 – Conference Dinner (At the Bebop)


 9:30 – Keynote 3

‘The Forgetting Conundrum’

Andrew Hoskins
University of Glasgow

10:45 – Break
11:00 – Panel 7: The Global

‘In the Footsteps of Thorkild Hansen: How to Develop a Literary Methodology for Revisiting Colonial Environments?’

Lene Asp
University of Linköping

‘“I Started a New Blog—The Khalil I Know”: Memory in the Digital Age—Counter-Memories through Tumblr in Angie Thomas’ The Hate U Give

Yvonne Kappel
Heinrich-Heine-University, Düsseldorf

‘Memories of Sustainable Futures: Remembering in the Digital Age’

Helene Nymann
Aarhus University

Chair: Pieter Vermeulen. Respondent: Michael Rothberg

12:30 – Lunch
13:30 – Panel 8: The Network

‘Dense Subgroups in Memory Networks’

Anastasia Pupynina
TU Darmstadt

 ‘Memory-Based and Digitally Enabled: Counterpublics in an Authoritarian Context’

Andrei Zavadski
Freie Universität Berlin

Chair: Astrid Erll. Respondent: Silvana Mandolessi

14:30 – Closing Remarks